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Education&Restoration Of Hope!

OA stands for Okwaggala Abatto which translates in Luganda to 'loving children'. We are a small organisation with a huge vision. Our vision is to see that all children have a chance at being educated and that all mothers have a chance at being empowered. Its huge right? Currently we have 7 mothers &11 beautiful children that we have put into local schools here in Jinja,Uganda.

Founders Message

It was September 2013 I was walking up a long dirt road through the back villages of Jinja Uganda. I met a beautiful boy along the way, little did I know this rather shy and extremely timid boy would change my life, or more so change the direction of my life. Daniel and I engaged in conversation and for a moment it was just him and I. All my struggles, worries and things on my mind seemed to fade as I listened deeply to his story. His mother died in the brutality of the war in Northern Uganda and his father’s whereabouts were unknown. He was brought to Jinja to live with his abusive uncle. His uncle didn’t care for his schooling and also couldn’t afford the fees. So, it left him doing odd jobs which is where I found him carrying 20 litres of water home from a local well.

Can you imagine not being able to send your children to school because of school fees or unable to pay for scholastic requirements? Alex and I as a couple have began Okwagala Abatto, believing we are called to the work we are doing. We are a bridging organisation that’s keeps families and children together by providing support with school fees and empowerment to the mothers and caregivers. We work with the poorest of the poor and some of the most vulnerable families in Uganda.


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